It is easier to master than the evil evil evil in the sayings good!

It is easier to master than the evil evil evil in the sayings good!

I firmly believe that we are already experiencing the apocalyptic end times. In the midst of existential crisis, experiencing and witnessing to disasters, wars and more wars political, economic, ecological and spiritual.

It is not necessary prophets, just reread the Bible, even the skeptics believe, and shudder to realize that studying everything is incredibly fulfilling saving natural evidence, like a stone that cries the most atheistic scientists.

We are in the \”last days\” and on it is written:

But know this, that in the last days perilous times for men will be lovers of themselves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderers, incontinent, brutal, haters of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God (2 Timothy 3:1-4)

Would be lovers of themselves, nothing that has not emerged from it (a) will be exceeded worthless, and not true, the final word is in it (a) only he (a) has reason, as it was not enough for the suffering of others, yet we have to protect ourselves from these greedy masquerading as moralists, he may not want only money, but the trade for power and fame, even though a community, a small church … seek their own aggrandizement, and spares no pains to see the misery another.

without natural affection, not need to disguise the evidential is notorious, that his face conveys WAR!, what was just seen as wolves can not exist, the death of affection would perish with their own death, taking the example of his own family, she does not care about anyone or anything and be a reference, not because they see it (a) good thing, but only because it has delegated power of self, would have created a society of men and women without love, selfish, self-lovers only them, and unable to forgive those who err, not with the passions that this guy, but the failure to follow the pardons, without any desire of loving souls.

The Devil is not attacking more, believe me, he just watches the self-destruction of the so-called \”evangelicals\” in the \”holy\” war themselves do the dance, and no longer provide employment for Satan, because they do their work with the most noble mastery and the light must shine while you search for God at all, the darkness seems to deface the affections of the human being like the demons that tend to see the specific release we do or did.

But it is not surprising, Jesus himself had said that, \”we\” would spit in self-dueling, his friends betray, kill, each other, not only inside the house as it is written: \”enemies of man would be of your own home \”, but the assertion that intrinsic love of\” almost \”everyone would cool.

Some come to misinform the people of the simplicity of the gospel, and after seeing the misery they have made with the impregnation of their dogmas, realizing that their offspring became \”demonized\” of troubled souls from the word of God through his prophets in mystery cults drop out, and disillusioned after suffering a frustration that the prophet was not fulfilled and the whole church ever notice … and sad and downcast as the temple is no longer of such shame … but this was the time who allowed slapstick recant and take the opportunity to redeem himself and help the poor sheep that mistook the spirit of divination.

In fact, things seem so senseless and unfair that the devil is no longer present in men but the men present at the Devil.

It seems that the demons they lost the crown for humans ….

So that humanity carries a timeless reality, it seems that the old music from Edson Gomes to declare that hell is here and explored how the devil operates in seeing humanity is humanity itself, since the devil is the one that divides , and Satan is one who opposes, namely: is the adversary.

Now, looking for any place on Earth and observing humans, one has to admit that humankind has been increasing because of the divisions and wars of all shapes and forms. We live in a divided society and that the other is the enemy, and this coming from religion, through the human relationships in general (especially those involving sex, money and power).

Moreover, the disappearance of affection, respect for elders, or even those who one day were for something at church or at home, reverence to parents, love of parents for children, faithfulness, gentleness, of educations most banal, solidarity, honesty, personal dignity, respect for the existence of whatever the next.

I remember the specific releases that we did while in high dawns said believers were sleeping at that time, which is not unlike today, there were demons and devils out of most people by laying on of hands and breaking of curses, the spiritual battle was like a movie with special effects so spectacular with our mere human eyes, but what happens is that the evil spirit is so present in these people\’s lives that no longer seem more invisible spirits, but now covered with flesh, skin and bones. … but not surprised and when I say that the times that I have referred people here in this text are mostly dressed up as \”Christians.\”

And the interesting thing about this is that nothing he wrote is not only to be told to distant and different … \”us.\”

No! It must be said to ourselves, I will not exempt from anything I said, there is indirect, is a direct starting with me, as a member of this body he calls \”evangelical\” maybe in a few rare exceptions when I could not for some reason to do what I like outside the four walls of the temples. … HGE, GAAC, ORLA, FOUNDATION DR. JESUS, puma, Mapel etc., to end this text again do a self-reflection, and think to myself and ask him to do the same, just to see what is in you. Yes, search for love, forgiveness, grace, mercy, compassion, reverence, kindness, goodness, simple joy, faith, hospital visits, a little time with children with cancer, a brief visit to relatives who do not have time, a courtesy here, a pardon here. … if not, inside your heart seeks, and, not finding these things embedded in you, look to the heavens and ask mercy of God, so that while you think you are not standing we fall more deeply into the abyss.
Fernando Macedo, is a ministry of Pastors IBCP, Greenpeace Activist, Manager of Corporate Security Formed by FIB, Security Consultant, and lectures at churches, colleges and events.

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